About Us

When Mrs. Laura Drize started planning weddings in 2010 she realised the niche of such services in Lithuania was still empty. High quality flexible wedding planning service was simply not available and she decided to fill the gap. Therefore, our goal is not only to use your budget effectively but also to organise a unique wedding event that would imprint unforgettable and pleasant memories in the minds of the newlywed couple as well as their guests.

We are here to bring your great ideas to life. And if you think that you do not have any ideas, don’ worry – we will give plenty of them for you to choose from for the most beautiful event of your lives. Our mission is to solve any issues in such a way that you do not have to deal with any unnecessary stress or cares on your big day. We will assure that your budget is used wisely and effectively and we will show this by providing a detailed statement of expenses.

Wedding planner Laura has recruited a team that can guarantee top quality service level. On your wedding day we will be working one step ahead of you and we will assure that all organisational matters are taken care of. Don’t be surprised when the even exceeds all your expectations. Client confidentiality is a matter of our prestige!